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In the press

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Thumb Title Author Date Keywords

Digital Deltagelse for Alle Click to Open
presented at: 
Software 2019Josef Noll13 February 2019 Digital InclusionInternet Lite

IoT contributions to Sustainable Developments(?) Click to Open
presented at: 
Seminar on IoT and Sustainability, Sintef, Oslo, 24Jan2019Josef Noll24 January 2019 SustainabilityIoTAutomation

The Non-discriminating access for Digital Inclusion (DigI) Click to Open
presented at: 
Norad Lunsj MeetingChristine HolstWisam Ahmed Mansour8 January 2019 

Digitalisation, Energy and Health; the Building Blocks for an Innovative Society? Click to Open
presented at: 
India-Norway Business Summit, New Delhi, 7-9Jan2019Josef Noll7 January 2019 Inclusive FrameworkDigital Inclusion

Free access to Digital Health Information in TanzaniaClick to Open
presented at: 
Visjon2030 Dec2018Christine Holst5 December 2018 Digital Global Health

Seamless integration between mobile and home network? Click to Open
presented at: 
Inside Telecom Høstkonferansen 2018Josef Noll21 November 2018 5GBroadband

Digital Inclusion and Empowerment - The killer app for 6G Click to Open
presented at: 
Digi Consortium GotoMeeting November 2018Josef Noll19 November 2018 Digital InclusionEmpowerment6G5G

Freemium Model for Smart Network Access Click to Open
presented at: 
WWRF#41Josef Noll30 October 2018 Smart Networks5G5GforAllSustainability

Measurability of eHealth literacy Click to Open
presented at: 
DigI Munich Meeting Oct2018Christine Holst8 October 2018 Digital Global HealthEHealthLiteracy

Women Entrepreneurship and Global Health Click to Open
presented at: 
Global Health Inspiration Day 2018Wisam Ahmed Mansour25 September 2018 EntrepreneurshipWomen

"Internet lite for all" - Sosial digital innovasjon Click to Open
presented at: 
Arendalsuke, Aug2018Josef Noll16 August 2018 DigitisationSocial inclusion

Elektronische Gesundheitskarte – Erfolg in Norwegen, Misserfolg in Deutschland? Click to Open
presented at: 
Münchener Kreis, Fachkonferenz Digitalisierung im Gesundheitswesen, München, 16May2018Josef Noll16 May 2018 Digital Global Health

Internet light for alle Click to Open
presented at: 
Rotary Medlemsmøte Skedsmo Nord - 8May2018Josef Noll8 May 2018 Digital Inclusion

DigitalRural Tanzania development - Tigo meeting Click to Open
presented at: 
DigI TIGO Meeting 18Apr2018Josef Noll18 April 2018 Rural development

DigitalRural Tanzania development - Vodacom meetingClick to Open
presented at: 
DigI Vodacom Meeting 18Apr2018Josef Noll18 April 2018 Rural development

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